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Campus Ministry

More Kindness than Expected

By Lexi Hays

I currently serve as the Resource teacher at Our Lady of Tepeyac, an all-girls Catholic high school, during my service year with Amate House in Chicago. On most days, I feel as if I am learning almost as much as I am teaching. The young women are such passionate and driven ladies who have so many gifts and talents to share. 

One of my favorite stories to share highlights the welcoming and caring community of Tepeyac. Most of the girls at Tepeyac are Hispanic and some speak only Spanish. As a mostly English speaking teacher, this can be challenging at times. When a quiet new student entered into my class one day, the girls thought she spoke only Spanish. However, this new student and I had previously met and I was aware she spoke English, she was just quiet. My students were so quick to jump in to help with translation and making the new student comfortable that we all shared a laugh when they found out the new student actually spoke English. The kindness radiated from my students on this given day, as it does most days.

Lexi Hays
Class of '20
Currently full-time volunteer at Amate House in Chicago

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