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Faith/Mission December 03, 2022
Puzzling Gifts for the Second Week of Advent

Week two of Advent focuses on faith. We have faith that you can complete these jigsaw puzzles in record time.

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Faith/Mission December 01, 2022
A Christmas Conversion

Student staff member explores Marian Library materials about the Christmas "conversion" of St. Thérèse de Lisieux.

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Faith/Mission November 26, 2022
Beginning Advent with Coloring Activities

Color your way to Christmas with these printables from the Marian Library for the first week of Advent.

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Faith/Mission November 21, 2022
The Holy Fool

Catholic theologian Vincent Miller explores the history of "fools," a class of courtly entertainers, political needlers and traveling monastics on which the Juggler figure is based.

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Libraries November 03, 2022
Now Available: Issue 72

The digital version of Fall 2022 Marian Library Newsletter provides interesting articles, insight on new and existing materials as well as a review of the accomplishments of the past year.

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Faculty October 25, 2022
Research Sanctuary

Resident scholar Liz Hutter reflects on her fellowship in the Marian Library, her research on therapeutic and spiritual healing in Lourdes, and how it all led to an experiential learning opportunity for her first-year writing students.

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Libraries October 18, 2022
Embroidery on Exhibit

'A Living Library' exhibit highlights a striking sampling of needlework on paper.

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Libraries October 13, 2022
Rosary Revelations: The History of Prayer

Visiting scholar Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada used Marian Library materials to reinforce that the history of prayer is one of not just religious practice, but design, media, culture and tradition.

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Faith/Mission October 10, 2022
IMRI Graduate to Bishop

Msgr. Frank Leo, a graduate and former faculty of the International Marian Research Institute, was recently ordained an auxiliary bishop of Montreal.

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Faith/Mission October 05, 2022
A New Rosary Resource

Four videos on the mysteries of the rosary make use of imagery from the Marian Library, the U.S. Catholic Special Collection and the University of Dayton.

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