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Faith/Mission March 25, 2024
Many Ways of the Cross, One Resurrection

Artists and authors provide unique ways to connect with the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection through the Stations of the Cross in the Marian Library’s collection. Artist Jaqueline Romo’s The Passion of the Monarca Migrante print series is currently on display at Roesch Library.

Experiential Learning March 19, 2024
Skills for a Lifetime

Student employees reflect on the lifelong skills they are acquiring through experiential learning in the Marian Library.

Faith/Mission March 12, 2024
Mary in America
Kate Dugan and Karen Park, scholars of U.S. Catholicism, gave the keynote lecture for the 2024 Marian Forum; their lecture is now streaming for free, and their book is available for a discount.
Faith/Mission March 08, 2024
The Queen of a World of War

How the Madonna of Monte Berico demonstrates the protective nature of Mary.

Libraries February 29, 2024
Announcing 2024 Marian Fellows
2024 Marian Fellowship awardees Rebecca Janzen, Giovanna Sarto and Elizabeth Groppe
Libraries February 19, 2024
Plan a Visit: ‘Mary in Catholic Education’

This exhibit, curated in part by UD teacher education students, explores how Catholic ideals have been shared with different audiences and through various media.

Faith/Mission February 06, 2024
A Lesson in Limitless Faith

Mary’s words to Bernadette near Lourdes, France, inspire the construction of a church and a shrine that draw millions of pilgrims each year. 

Faith/Mission January 22, 2024
For the Love of God

St. Francis de Sales’ groundbreaking treatise uses Mary as a model to bring people closer to God.

Faith/Mission January 18, 2024
2024 Marian Forum
Events scheduled throughout the day on Tuesday, Feb. 13, will reflect the theme of Marian shrines.
Faith/Mission January 04, 2024
Magi from the East Enter the Nativity Scene

On the Epiphany, visitors referred to in Scripture as kings and wise men, arrive, having traveled from great distances to a humble stable to pay homage to the newborn king, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.