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A Convocation of Camels

By Ann Zlotnik

No one can say for certain how many camels were part of the caravan from the East following a star to Bethlehem to give homage to a newborn king on what became the first Epiphany. But we do know that 16 camels have recently made their way to the Marian Library. University Libraries employee Jan Moyer recently donated camel figurines from her personal collection. 

There are camels carrying kings; camels carrying bags; large camels and small camels; ornate camels and simple camels. Marian Library director Sarah Cahalan says she is grateful for the donation and would like people to use them and not just view them. 

“They could be really great for class visits and hands-on projects with the art collection and Nativity collection in particular. … I love the mix of materials.”

Cahalan has created a small pop-up display with a selection of the newly acquired camels. If you plan to visit Juggling for Mary: Vocations, Gifts and Performing for Our Lady soon, you will see these new gifts (and the gifts they are carrying for the infant Jesus) in the Crèche Museum. 

— Ann Zlotnik is a graphic designer and the communications and creative coordinator for the University Libraries and the Marian Library.

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