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A Simply Sweet Hail Mary

By Ann Zlotnik

Belgian artist Jacques Gouppy was an illustrator of fairy tales and children’s stories such as The Little Mermaid and Puss in Boots. He also created an abundance of artwork for catechetical items. The Marian Library has an assortment of his holy cards, children’s books and catechetical posters in its collections.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace...

With soft colors, fluid lines, children with braids and bows, attentive angels and pleasant expressions, this Hail Mary series of Gouppy illustrations is reminiscent of a mid-20th-century storybook. It is, quite simply, very sweet.

series of illustrations with Hail Mary text

— Ann Zlotnik designs print, digital and exhibit materials across University Libraries while managing marketing, communication and websites specific to the Marian Library.

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