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Mary in the News: July 27, 2020

By Michael Duricy

Marian Library and International Marian Research Institute Features


The Legion of Mary resumes meetings on Mondays from 7:30-9:00 p.m. in the Spirit Center of Saint Albert Catholic Parish in Room D to allow for social distancing.  Practicing Catholics over the age of 17 are invited.

Participants are asked to wear masks.  Come and see how the Legion of Mary safely serves Christ in our neighbors even during the pandemic.  Is Our Lady calling you to meet the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

For more information call Gloria Dodd at 937-229-1431.

Parish Website

Mary in Media: Books, Films, Music, etc.

Picturehouse sets US release, drive-in tour for faith-based film, Fatima

Picturehouse has set an August 28, 2020 theatrical and PVOD launch for faith-based drama, Fatima, and has been partnering on a pop-up drive-in US tour.

The film has been the focus of a pop-up tour in metro centers organized with events group, A-List Communications, that has staged July screenings at this year's Super Bowl venue at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Simi Valley, California attended by Picturehouse's Bob and Jeanne Berney, and a private event with the Hamptons Film Festival's summer drive-in initiative....

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Marian Events

Title: XXIII Festival de Canto Liturgico Mariano

Theme: Conversatorio Taller de Formacion

Dates: 19 de Julio - 8 Agosto, 2020

Location: online


El XXIII Festival de Canto Litúrgico Mariano, de la Asociación de Fieles Al Servicio de María Corredentora, reina de la Paz, de la Arquidiócesis de Barquisimeto, Venezuela, quiere motivar los Grupos de Canto y Ministerios de Música que participan en las Celebraciones Litúrgicas de la Iglesia.

Este año el tema será de las tres letanías que el papa Francisco decretó; Madre de la Misericordia, Madre de la Esperanza y Consuelo de los Migrantes.

Los grupos deben producir una canción nueva, letra y música original, con el tema mariano propuesto y que sirva para ser cantada en las Misas, sea como Canto de Entrada, Ofertorio, Comunión o Salida.

Es un Festival NO competitivo, "regálale una canción a la Iglesia."  Sin embargo serán evaluados los cantos por un equipo de personas preparadas al respecto y según el modelo de evaluación que se les enviará.  Cada grupo podrá tener así una opinión cualificada respecto de su canto y podrá luego discutirlo dentro de su grupo.

Las canciones serán de uso libre, para toda la Iglesia.  Esta actividad es completamente gratuita.

Se les enviarán los materiales para prepararse, de contenido litúrgico y doctrinal mariano respecto del tema de este año, así como el método de evaluación.

Este año debido a las circunstancias será todo on line; los talleres de preparación para el Festival también y las canciones serán grabadas y colocadas en Internet por cada grupo y enviado el enlace a los organizadores en los días que se les irá indicando, para luego realizar el Festival el día fijado, también on line. Por la misma razón este año será un Festival internacional.

 Agradecemos su participación.

La dirección de correo del festival será:

Enlace para la inscripción:

Whatsapp: 04169528722     - Telf. 0251-2541828

Mary in the Catholic Press

Seoul's cardinal announces the consecration of Pyongyang to Our Lady of Fatima (Aid to the Church in Need), July 20, 2020

The Diocese of Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, will be consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima.  This was announced by Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, the archbishop of Seoul, South Korea on June 25, 2020, the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War--at a time when tensions on the peninsula are once again on the increase.

Cardinal Yeom Soo-jung spoke about the significance of peace and harmony for the Korean Peninsula.  He commemorated the approximately three-million people who died during the war that broke out on June 25, 1950, the suffering of refugees, the drama experienced by families that were torn apart, and the persecution of Christians by the North Korean regime....

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Mary in the Secular Press

The director and editors of All About Mary under the auspices of the International Marian Research Institute do not necessarily endorse or agree with the events and ideas expressed in this feature.  Our sole purpose is to report on items about Mary gleaned from a myriad of papers representing the secular press.

The Museum of Family Prayer announces First Annual Mary Garden Contest (Press Release), July 14, 2020

Dial up some fun, while maintaining social distance, and create something beautiful and peaceful--A Mary Garden!  

The Museum of Family Prayer, dedicated to the work of Venerable Patrick Peyton to help families pray together, announces the First Annual Mary Garden Contest.  Enter for your chance to win prizes. 

While the Museum is currently closed, they wanted to find a way to bring their mission to families in this time of spiritual need.  A Mary Garden is a great way to share faith in a fun and easy way for the entire family, especially as the family continues to watch it grow and takes care of it together.

"I am really happy we are doing this!  It's vital that we find peace and live contemplating God's beauty now!," said Father James Phalan, C.S.C., National Director of Family Rosary.  "Mary Gardens are a devotion born in medieval times: enclosed gardens with an image of Blessed Virgin in the middle, surrounded by all sorts of flowers and herbs that carry her name.  You may not realize that there are literally hundreds of plants named after Our Lady in some way!"

We love all types of gardens, large or small, colorful or monotone, pots or plateaus, any and all that touch your heart will touch ours and our viewers.  Inspire us with your beautiful works of art.  Share your newly-finished Marian Garden or your long-time Mary Garden and share that beauty with others.  The contest is designed to encourage families to build their garden, enjoy it as a special place for the family to pray. 

"Our family is one of our greatest gifts from God.  Why not pray together in a garden?  Sounds uncomfortable?  Give it a try,” said Phalan. "You’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes comfortable.  Or, maybe you pray all the time?  Head over to your Mary Garden the next time you need to pray.  Whatever your situation, we have prayers to make it special."

The Museum of Family Prayer will award the top ten Mary Gardens based on criteria such as overall look, design, usage of flowers, and love for Our Lady.  Second through tenth place will receive a $25 monetary gift card and the book by Margaret Rose Realy, A Garden of Visible Prayer: Creating a Personal Sacred Space One Step at a Time.  First place will receive a signed copy of the book and a $50 monetary gift card.  Enter the contest between now and August 5, 2020. Winners will be announced on August 15, 2020. 

"Getting in touch with beauty and peace, that's what the Mary Gardens are all about," says Father Jim. "Do Something beautiful for God."

Prayer resources, gardening ideas, and directions are all available, free downloads, on the Museum website.  More information on the contact can also be found on the website.

Museum Website

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