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Trauma-Informed Teaching Webinar in LTC

All those who teach, advise, or work with students are invited to view a webinar titled  "But I am a professor, not a therapist": The why (and how) of trauma-informed teaching. The webinar's facilitator is  Dr Birdie Bezanson, a counselor educator at Acadia University.

We'll view the webinar from 2:30 to 4:00 pm Monday, November 21, in the LTC Forum, with discussion afterward. Feel free to join us at any point during the webinar. 
Click here to register.

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Trauma-Informed Teaching and Advising Workshop

The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center will sponsor programming around trauma-informed work with students this academic year. Anyone who works with students is welcome to attend a panel discussion on Trauma-Informed Teaching and Advising from 2:45 to 3:45 pm Monday, October 24, in the LTC Forum.
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Offering Helpful Advice and Direction: Workshops on Promoting Student Vocational Discernment Across the Curriculum and Co-curriculum

When students turn to us for advice about their life or education, the conversations we have with them may play a crucial role in helping our students discern their vocations.

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