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Inaugural Diversity and Social Justice CAP Coordinator

Following a competitive application process, the Common Academic Program (CAP) is pleased to announce that Youssef Farhat has been selected as the inaugural Coordinator of the Diversity & Social Justice (DSJ) component. In this role, Youssef will be an ambassador for this CAP component and champion its role as an integral part of the University of Dayton’s distinctive undergraduate education. He will work with all of the academic units, campus partners, and the CAP Office to enhance the DSJ course offerings, integrate the DSJ component more fully in the intentional and developmental curriculum, lead campus conversations about this essential dimension of undergraduate learning, and coordinate efforts to assess student learning in this area. 

Youssef brings a wide range of valuable experiences to this role. He is a dedicated and passionate teacher, offering a range of courses in Political Science, Social Science 200, and the Malawi Research Practicum. Youssef is deeply committed to his students and their growth and development, especially in the area of diversity and social justice. His service in the Human Rights Center, since 2013, has equipped him to build and develop efforts from the ground up. In the HRC, Youssef worked across a range of disciplines and coordinated many projects, including communications and outreach strategies, the Social Practice of Human Rights (SPHR) conference, and the Malawi Research Practicum on Rights and Development. He serves on a series of university working groups and committees, and is engaged with practitioners from public, private, and nonprofit organizations in the Dayton region and global networks in areas of social justice and community agency. These roles and experiences make him extremely well suited to take on this role.

Prior to joining UD, Youssef worked in development spaces with grassroot NGOs as well as UNDP and USAID in Beirut, Lebanon as a multilingual researcher and coordinator for a series of programs in areas of education, social and economic rights, sustainability, and gender and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Youssef holds an undergraduate degree in public administration from Notre Dame University of Louaize (Beirut, Lebanon) and a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dayton.

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