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One Day’s Difference

By Kathy Webb

What difference can One Day make? A lot! As dean of the University Libraries, I have seen firsthand the yearlong impact donors have on the student experience.

April 19 is UD's fifth annual day of giving, providing each unit, including the Libraries, a major opportunity to raise funds for our most timely and in-demand projects that will best address the needs of students. 

Gifts to the Libraries’ Excellence Fund on or before April 19 will help us increase our support for multimedia learning and production services — such as podcasting and interactive digital presentations — giving students an increased opportunity to enhance their creative and professional skills, setting them up for success after graduation! And these services are available to every student regardless of major for professional, personal or club-based projects.

In addition, we hope to purchase more student-requested seating and continue our donor-supported preservation of historical UD publications like Flyer News as well as our unique Catholic collections.

What has compelled donors to direct their gifts to the Libraries? Here are some reasons they have chosen to make a difference:

Are you ready for One Day like no other? Make your plan to give early or on April 19 at the One Day, One Dayton website. Thank you for considering a gift. 

 Kathy Webb is dean of the University Libraries.

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