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Celebrate Latinx Heritage

By Scott N. West

When I started drafting this blog post, I was initially tempted to list the many — and I mean many — resources available in the University Libraries to anyone interested in learning more about Latinx cultures. We have resources throughout the general print collection; a multitude of databases and electronic resources in Roesch Library; and numerous opportunities in the Marian Library, the U.S. Catholic Special Collection and the University Archives. In fact, we have a resource guide dedicated to Latinx Heritage Month.

As an alternative, I decided to look at three areas that capture my particular interest.  

First, Latinx authors are being featured in Roesch Library’s Leisure Reading Collection. The list features a pretty broad interpretation of the term “Latinx” but captures most genres and reading interests.

Second, have you ever looked at the website of the U.S. Census Bureau? I am guessing no.  But you should! It is an extraordinary resource for researchers on almost any topic. It provides curated sets of materials for every specially designated day, week or month. Latinx Heritage Month is no exception, but it uses the official government name, National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The last recommendation I would like to reference is Melissa Ochoa’s article “Stop Using ‘Latinx’ If You Really Want to Be Inclusive” from The Conversation, a publication to which numerous faculty members at the University of Dayton have contributed. Ochoa presents a compelling discussion of the appropriateness of using the term “Latinx” (like I did above!). As a university that has dedicated itself as an anti-racist campus and that strives to become inclusive, this is a must-read. For an alternate perspective that supports the use of “Latinx,” particularly by members of the LGBTQ+ community, check out this article from ABC News published earlier this year.


— Scott N. West is a collections specialist and a member of the University Libraries Diversity and Inclusion Team.

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