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Citizen Web Archiving: Preserving Websites for the Common Good

By Kayla Harris, Christina Beis and Stephanie Shreffler

October is American Archives Month. For information, see the websites of the Society of American Archivists and the National Archives.

With American culture and social justice movements documented on the web daily, who is preserving this information for future researchers and the public?

Web archiving is the process of collecting, preserving and providing access to the content of the Internet. The articles we share, the social media posts we like — these are the things from today that will make up the historical record of tomorrow, but only if someone actively saves them. That someone could be you!

Serve others and earn PATH points

In the PATH-eligible online program Citizen Web Archiving: Preserving Websites for the Common Good, we invite you to learn more about web archiving, the web archive collections curated by librarians at UD, and how you can contribute to the common good by serving as a citizen archivist. 

How to participate

The program is available online Oct. 19–Nov. 19, the program will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. To get started, please visit the event’s page in 1850

For information about this program, contact the coordinators, Kayla Harris, Christina (Tina) Beis or Stephanie Shreffler.

Kayla Harris is an assistant professor and librarian/archivist in the Marian Library; Christina Beis is an assistant professor and discovery services librarian in the University Libraries; Stephanie Shreffler is an associate professor and collections librarian/archivist in the U.S. Catholic Special Collection.

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