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Making Memes

By Jillian Ewalt and Bridget Garnai

Did you know that the average person views thousands of images per day? We live in an image-saturated society where images are created, shared and commodified on a grand scale. We consume images for news, entertainment and information. By developing the right skills, we can better understand the images we interact with every day; that’s where visual literacy comes in. 

In this fun and interactive workshop, which is PATH-eligible for students, you will have the opportunity to learn about visual literacy — the ability to find, interpret and use images — by making your own meme. 

The session, which focuses on uplifting and lighthearted memes, includes an introduction to visual literacy; a short history of memes; an overview of fair use, public domain and Creative Commons; and an activity where you will find an image and create or remix a meme. This 45-minute session is asynchronous, meaning that you can do it online on your own time. It is available Sep. 1–Sep. 25. 

All are welcome to learn more about memes and visual literacy. To participate in the workshop, please visit

Have questions? Contact the workshop coordinators, Bridget Garnai or Jillian Ewalt.

— Bridget Garnai is a lecturer in the University Libraries and Jillian Ewalt is an associate professor and librarian for visual resources in the Marian Library.

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