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‘The Giver’ Takes All

By Zachary Lewis

The votes are in! Roesch Library’s bracketology of books has come to a close, and a single title stands as the winner. Voters have chosen the Campus South’s representative, The Giver, as Roesch Library’s inaugural June Madness champion in a 20-16 decision—its victory over the first title in the Harry Potter franchise a testament to its enduring allure. 

Tackling themes of hegemony, individuality, and totalitarianism, Lois Lowry’s The Giver challenges young readers to think critically about how society can limit freedom based on differences. Lowry’s foray into dystopian literature for young adults is timeless, especially considering the popularity of more recent works such as The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner. 

Miss out on the madness? Interested in learning more? Browse the full list of June Madness competitors. Members of the University community can use the list’s links to request titles from the University Libraries' leisure reading collection and pick them up on Friday mornings. The bracket with final voting results is available as well.

Zachary Lewis is an assistant professor and student success librarian. He designed the June Madness competition with Heidi Gauder, a professor in the University Libraries and coordinator of research and instruction, and Jason Wardell, an assistant professor and health and life sciences librarian.

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