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Honors Theses 2020: Angry Tweets, Urban Soils, Grasshopper Guts and More

By Maureen Schlangen

The latest theses from students in the University Honors Program are now available in eCommons, the University of Dayton’s open-access institutional repository.

Honors theses, each the product of several semesters of research under the guidance of a faculty mentor, have consistently high readership — more than 84,000 downloads from their first availability in April 2015 through June 2020 —  partly because of the strength of the research and partly because of the relevance of their topics to present and emerging issues. 

“Honors students that opt to complete a thesis as part of their honors diploma spend two years immersed in their research projects,” says University Honors Program associate director for research Nancy Martorano Miller, associate professor of political science. “With the guidance and support of their faculty mentors, honors thesis writers have submitted projects that make significant contributions to their disciplines. Many of these students also present their research at academic conferences and will succeed in having their research published in academic journals.”

The 2020 batch examines a wide range of topics, from antibiotic resistance to two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides. Most students made the full text of their research available for download, though some chose to provide only abstracts because they’re preparing to submit their work for publication or because they conducted sponsored research that is now proprietary.

Spring 2020 theses (Alphabetical by author last name)

Readers can also browse and search for theses from 2015 to the present in the University Honors Program collection in eCommons.

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