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#1Day1Dayton: A Day of Giving on April 10

On April 10, the University of Dayton will have its first worldwide giving day — a chance to rally the greater University of Dayton community and celebrate the impact of collective support.

Here, some of our Library colleagues in the Front Porch Society — people who have made gifts to UD three or more years in a row — share why they choose to give each year:

  • Kristina Schulz: “I am proud to be a part of the UD community.  I have grown as a professional and as a person through the many opportunities here.  One of the things I love the most about my work here is the community environment fostered by the Marianist philosophy.  I want to make sure that UD is able to continue investing in their employees and students, and that is why I choose to give.”
  • Kathy Webb: “I am proud to work at and support the University of Dayton Libraries. I see something every day that reminds me that the Libraries are integral to the educational and research endeavors of our students, faculty and staff. By supporting the Libraries, I am supporting students and faculty from all areas of campus, as well as the incredibly talented library faculty and staff who make a difference every day. The Libraries are part of what makes the University of Dayton great.”
  • Patty Meinking:  “Being a graduate of UD and now an employee, I have come to better understand and appreciate what a well-rounded education UD has provided. Equally important: the making of lifelong friends. I want to see UD continue to thrive and allow others the same opportunity to experience a Marianist education. Two funds that ring strong for me are the University Libraries Dean’s Fund for Excellence and the I Love UD Scholarship. Both funds provide access to learning for individuals. There are so many stories of people helping people to receive an education, and I know my contribution helps to create another story for a student.”
  • Katy Kelly: “I’m continually impressed by University of Dayton and its growth over the years. Since joining the library faculty in 2010, I have enjoyed unique opportunities in a strong and supportive community environment. My gift every year to the Libraries Dean’s Fund for Excellence through payroll deduction ensures that we can continue to develop enhanced library services, spaces, exhibits and programs to support UD’s mission and the success of its community members. I give every year in order to support the incredible work of my library colleagues.”
  • Jane Dunwoodie: “Giving to UD is easy because every day you can feel all that UD gives – to their students, their faculty, their employees, their alumni, the regional community and beyond. Working in the libraries, we are all about service, and I love when I can direct a special gift in support of something needed or new. Service in life feels like what it should all be about. I’ve also made arrangements that after I’m done with my ride on earth, there will be a fund to continue to give to the UD Libraries. What can be easier? You save all you can, and what you don’t use up continues to support the great works of UD. So proud and happy to be part of it all.”
  • Heidi Gauder:  “My husband and I feel a strong connection to the University of Dayton.  Not only did we both graduate from UD, but my father-in-law, Charles Gauder, was also a UD graduate and a faculty member in electrical engineering.  We give to the Charles Gauder scholarship fund in his memory and because we appreciate the value of a UD education. We want to help the next generation of students thrive and succeed in this environment that seeks to educate the whole person.”
  • Maureen Schlangen: “I’m grateful to UD for a satisfying career, good friends and a mission to educate for the common good. Giving is my small way to say thank you. One fund I’m giving to on April 10 is the Will Mohr Scholarship, which honors my friend Valerie’s son. Will died of cancer in 2013, less than a year after graduating from UD. He made a wonderful impression on the University, and this scholarship is a wonderful way to continue that.”

How to participate

To make a gift, see the #1Day1Dayton website anytime on April 10. To help spread the word on social media in advance or on giving day, see the site’s social media toolkit.

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