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'Fresh Prints' at Roesch Library

By Katy Kelly

Upon returning to campus, Roesch Library visitors will be greeted with new and improved printing options on the second floor.

Our two new printers are 3-in-1 machines, featuring color and black and white printing; scan to email; and copying functions.

How to print

You can still print from any computer in the library but you will not “release” your print jobs through the PaperCut program like before.

Here are the new steps:

  1. Select file, or right click, and print to “FindMe Library.”  
  2. Check the print settings (select color or black and white, single-sided or duplex)
  3. Go to either printer machine.
  4. Tap your UD ID where indicated on the printer machine.
  5. Release your print jobs.

Flyer Express funds are used to print. It costs 4 cents for a black and white print, 20 cents for a color print. At this time we cannot process refunds.

Need help?

The nearby second-floor Services desk will assist you.

Not only are these new features going to improve the printing experience, we’re also saving money and trees. UDit is estimating that we’ll see a 10% reduction in printing (1.3 million pages, over 150 trees per year) and a big power reduction because we’ve eliminated other single-function machines. Your print jobs will be more secure because others will not accidentally pick them up.

— Katy Kelly is an associate professor and Roesch Library’s communications and outreach librarian.

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