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Congrats, Grads!

By Jillian Sandy

The Roesch Library Knowledge Hub staff would like to congratulate five graduating student employees who will complete their Bachelor’s degrees this May:  Sarah, Maiti, Maia, Adam, and Jamie.  We will miss working with them but are proud of all they have achieved and look forward to their continued success after graduation.  In honor of their accomplishments, we asked them to share their future plans and what they liked best about working at Roesch Library.

Sarah Bergen

Major:  International Studies

Years at Knowledge Hub:  3

"Following graduation, I will spend my summer as a MCHC/RISE-Up Fellow working and researching at the Sanford School of Medicine in South Dakota, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the CDC in Atlanta. After this experience, I will be moving back home to Chicago to begin pursuing a Masters of Public Health degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I'm ready for the unlimited deep dish pizza! Working at Roesch Library the past three years has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the ins and outs of academic research. I will be forever grateful for this knowledge, the skills I have learned, and the staff and students I have gotten to know along the way!"

Maiti Glynn

Major: Finance; Minor: Pre-law

Years at Knowledge Hub:  3

"After graduation I will be working with Wintrust Financial Corporation in Chicago as a part of their credit analyst program, and I also hope to be attending law school part time to attain my JD in the near future.  Working at the Knowledge Hub has been a great part of my time here at the University of Dayton where I have met so many incredible people and I have learned amazing research skills that I couldn't get anywhere else. I know that these research skills will really help me in my future job and in law school. I'm sad to leave the University of Dayton, but my younger brother is a freshman so I will definitely come back and visit!"

Maia McLin

Major:  Biology

Years at Knowledge Hub:  3

"These last three years of my University of Dayton undergraduate career have flown by and part of that is thanks to Roesch Library. I have had the pleasure of working at Roesch for three of my four years at UD and can think of no other place I would rather work. Although a huge perk of the job with the Knowledge Hub is certainly being able to do homework while on the job, an even greater perk are the people I have met along the way. My direct supervisor, Jillian, has really made working at the library a pleasure. She makes it one of her priorities to talk to and form a relationship with all of her employees and for that, I am very grateful. The librarians and research staff are another asset of working here. They really do care about helping everyone as much as possible with all their research needs and in these changing times where hard print is often substituted for online databases the librarians are an essential for finding resources. Just the other day Heidi flew out of nowhere to help with a question about where a book was located and was able to give the student many more resources than she thought she would receive. Pretty sure said student was about to shed tears of happiness.

Overall, my years at Roesch have taught me valuable lessons in dealing with people. I have learned to be patient because sometimes what a patron says and what is interpreted are not the same thing. I have learned that giving people the tools to do things on their own is one of the best gifts a person can give. By showing patrons the available search engines they are able to better conduct their own research and share it with their friends. I have also learned to be more welcoming, as a person who is not very social this is very important as I begin my post UD career.

I will take all of these tools from the library and hope to apply them to my work outside of UD as I enter the healthcare field. Doing what exactly…not entirely sure, but as my journey here ends I know the people and the places I have been because of Roesch will stay firmly implanted and a part of who I become."

Adam Schwartz

Major:  History

Years at Knowledge Hub:  1

"My time at the Knowledge Hub has been one the most memorable experiences at the University of Dayton during my undergraduate career. I have been able to help students find books, give research advice, and overall, help students succeed in their academic career via the library. I have grown in my customer service skills in helping students and other library patrons. I have repaired countless print jams, and been able to assist student in their printing, and at times, flyer express needs as well. On top of being a great help to students, it also benefited me as it has, in a way forced me to focus on homework and other important matters, when not helping students on my shift. I would also like to note that in a fortuitous turn of events, I will be returning to the Knowledge Hub next year as a Grad Student in the College Student Personnel Program. I will also be at the Knowledge Hub this coming summer to assist our summer semester students in their research endeavors and to make sure people are able to access the books they need, no matter what time of year it is."

Jamie Vieson

Majors:  Philosophy, Human Rights Studies; Minors:  Women and Gender Studies, Political Science

Years at Knowledge Hub:  2

"After graduation I will be teaching Special Education through Teach for America. I am so thankful to have been a library student employee. I loved getting to know the librarians and other student workers. Catching up with Jillian during my morning shifts was always a highlight of the day. This job taught me many valuable lessons in the form of research skills and patience as I learned to fix printer jams and mix ups."

Congratulations and best of luck to our graduates!

Jillian Sandy is Research Services Assistant and supervisor of Knowledge Hub student employees.

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