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How should I get that source?

By Jillian Sandy

At Roesch Library, we collaborate with other institutions to offer books, articles and other research materials to as many as users as possible. If you hit a pay wall while trying to read an article, or if a book you need is checked out or not in our catalog, we can help! OhioLINK borrowing and interlibrary loan (also known as ILL) are free to UD students, faculty and staff.

What’s OhioLINK?

  • OhioLINK is a statewide consortium of 120 academic libraries, and Roesch Library is an original member. They provide shared access to electronic journal articles and print materials.
  • If what you’re searching for isn’t in the UD Catalog, try clicking the blue button above your search bar for OhioLINK.
  • If the status of one item is “Available,” place a request and expect it to arrive on campus within 3-5 business days

Interesting stats

  • UD patrons checked out 9,143 items using OhioLINK in 2017
  • OhioLINK’s catalog contains more than 46 million items
  • OhioLINK libraries aren’t just universities. Example: Cleveland Clinic and Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

Should I “ILL it?”

  • Interlibrary loan is worldwide. We use this when materials aren’t available in the UD Catalog or from OhioLINK.
  • You can place a request using the “Services” tab on the Libraries website. Or, staff can help with this process. Just ask!

Interesting ILL stats

  • 2,464 ILL requests by UD patrons fulfilled in 2017
  • Farthest requests have traveled from Australia,Thailand, New Zealand, and Hong Kong
  • ILL partners include the National Gallery of Art, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and NASA

SearchOhio is a borrowing service like OhioLINK, though its members are mostly public libraries. This is a great place to find your winter break read or borrow other materials like movies and music.

— Jillian Sandy, Research Services Assistant

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