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Congrats, Grad

By Jillian Sandy

The Roesch Library Knowledge Hub staff would like to congratulate Anjanika, one of our team members, on earning her Master’s degree. Anjanika will be graduating this December and we will miss seeing her here at the library and working with her. In honor of her accomplishments, we asked Anjanika to share her future plans and what she liked best about working at Roesch Library.

Anjanika Bandyopadhyay, Master’s in Electrical Engineering says,

"Plans after Graduation would definitely be to gain experience in my field of study and obtain full time employment. Traveling and exploring new places is on my mind, too. Working in the Roesch Library has been a pleasure with Jillian always guiding me throughout this journey, and of course working with such wonderful colleagues. This experience definitely honed my research skills and it is a wonderful tool I possess now. It was a great experience here at UD and I hope to grow as a person with all the experiences I gained here."

Congratulations and all the best, Anjanika!

- Jillian Sandy, Research Services Assistant

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