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eCommons crosses half-million milestone

By Maureen Schlangen

In early October, eCommons, UD’s open-access institutional repository, surpassed the 500,000-download mark.

Some insights into those downloads:

  1. Items have been downloaded from more than 16,000 institutions, corporations, organizations and government offices.
  2. Downloads have occurred from more than 200 countries, including a few from Kiribati, Vanuatu, Mayotte, Nauru, and Sao Tome and Principe.
  3. More than 200,000 of those downloads resulted from searches in Google or Google Scholar.

The repository — a database of faculty and student research, creative works, scholarly journals, University documents and records, and archives and special collections — launched at UD in October 2013 and crossed the 100,000-download milestone in May 2015. It now has almost 25,000 objects.

Browse some of the most popular collections and items in eCommons:


Flyer News (57,863 downloads)

Marian Studies (46,635 downloads)

News Releases (34,525 downloads)

Commencement Programs (24,510 downloads)

Honors Theses (22,456 downloads)

Stander Symposium Posters (20,429 downloads)

Catholic Sisters International (19,554 downloads)

The University of Dayton Magazine (16,628 downloads)

Marian Library Studies (12,989 downloads)


Educational Leadership Faculty Publications (19,114 downloads)

Communication Faculty Publications (8,246 downloads)

Religious Studies Faculty Publications (7,748 downloads)

Counselor Education and Human Services Faculty Publications (6,633 downloads)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty Publications (6,623 downloads)

Physical Therapy Faculty Publications (6,100 downloads)

English Faculty Publications (6,055 downloads)

Philosophy Faculty Publications (5,698 downloads)

Political Science Faculty Publications (4,947 downloads)

History Faculty Publications (4,473 downloads)

Roesch Library Faculty Publications (4,463 downloads)


The Disney Evolution: Princesses as Positive Role Models (6,276 downloads)

Case Studies on Educational Administration (4,509 downloads)

Test Items in the Complete and Short Forms of the BOT-2 that Contribute Substantially to Motor Performance Assessments in Typically Developing Children 6-10 Years of Age (3,326 downloads)

The Speaker: The Tradition and Practice of Public Speaking (3,274 downloads)

Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methodology: Exploring the Interactive Continuum (3,048 downloads)

The Speaker's Primer (2,732 downloads)

Public Relations in Schools (2,528 downloads)

Called to Evangelize: The Story of Adele Brise and the Mariophany that Changed her Life (2,132 downloads)

Academic Integrity: A Saudi Student Perspective (1,989 downloads)

Jesus wearing crown of thorns holy card (1,987 downloads)

Worth 1,000 Words: Using Instagram to Engage Library Users (1,942 downloads)

La Salette: Bibliographie (1,864 downloads)

Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management (1,719 downloads)

The Practice of Government Public Relations (1,710 downloads)

Audit Committee Effectiveness: A Synthesis of the Empirical Audit Committee Literature (1,704 downloads)

Hymn to Our Lady of Fatima (1,620 downloads)

Daytonian 1975 (1,415 downloads)

Female Bodybuilders: Caught in the Crossfire of Patriarchy and Capitalism (1,286 downloads)

Ethics in Public Management (1,254 downloads)

The Gender Pay Gap; Continually Hurting Women (1,243 downloads)

The School Superintendent: Roles, Challenges, and Issues (1,233 downloads)

Intertextuality and Ideology: Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and James Fordyce's 'Sermons to Young Women' (1,184 downloads)

Textual Evolution of Chapter VIII of Lumen Gentium (1,166 downloads)

Newman, Oscar: Defensible Space Theory (1,120 downloads)

Summary and Analysis of Chapter VIII of Lumen Gentium (1,074 downloads)

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