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Roesch Refresh: ‘Petting zoo’ invites furniture feedback

As the main campus library prepares for Roesch Refresh, a full renovation of the first and second floors, it’s placing a premium on patrons’ preferences — particularly with the furnishings.

Starting Sept. 18, a large area of the first-floor Knowledge Hub will transform into a furniture “petting zoo,” where students, faculty and staff can try out and give feedback on all the options under consideration — desk and lounge chairs, footrests, screened desks, media tables and more.

Through Sept. 28, people will be able to rate their choices and provide comments on sticky notes or on “baaaa-llots” available in the furniture corral.

Don't be sheepish! Come test out the furniture options and tell the Libraries what you think.

Furniture feedback will be summarized, quantified and shared on the Roesch Refresh website and on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #roeschrefresh.


The furniture petting zoo is not Roesch’s first rodeo in soliciting suggestions on building upgrades. In April, the Libraries and Levin Porter Architects invited students to participate in a “charrette,” or focus group/work session, to discuss their goals and priorities for the renovation, review long- and short-term needs for the building, and bring up ideas that planners may not have considered.

Several years ago, when the fourth, fifth and sixth floors were spruced up with new paint, the Libraries solicited student suggestions for colors and themes.

And each year, the Libraries use circulation trends, service usage, survey data and special requests to inform decisions on hours, acquisitions, technology and more.

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