Thursday March 23, 2017

Getting to know the Knowledge Hub

By Maia McLin

“Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!”

Arthur Read was right (from the best kids’ show ever). At Roesch Library, your student ID — your library card — gets you in the library past 10 p.m. on weekdays and past 6 p.m. on weekends … because what else would you like to be doing than getting some studying in at the Blend with a delicious cookie (the chocolate chip are my favorite) or on the fifth floor for your more serious study needs?

The library also has a “text us” service. It’s great for asking research questions or help in finding something — but also for when people get too loud. A simple text sends someone to the designated area to remind them of the volume policy (if you are the ones being loud… sorry).

I’ve worked at the library for almost two years at the Knowledge Hub and the help desk and have learned tons about the resources we have at our fingertips as well as the lovely people that want to help us with all of our research, writing and technology needs.

The friendly librarians really are there for all of your needs. They smile (a lot) and want to help in any way possible. In other words, please see them if you need assistance with a research project. They want to see you and actually get excited at the prospect of research.

Doing research can be a lot more complicated when you don’t utilize search options and databases in a way that is useful to your targeted area of research. The librarians are more than willing to help you navigate the ways of research. Jillian and Carol, both research services assistants, provide fabulous help with research and know all the tricks to find the research sources that you need.

Write Place  student employees are always amped up. I have yet to meet a Write Place worker that seems gloomy. They help you plan your paper, organize your ideas and fully develop concepts in your writing.

The new kid on the Knowledge Hub block, Tech Express, is a great tool as well. They just started up at the library in the fall of 2016. Whenever you are looking at your computer wondering why it is so slow or why that strange black spot does not go away (maybe this is just my computer experience …) Tech Express is the way to go. They are located at the Knowledge Hub and actually understand technology, which I still consider some alien thing. They can help upload software and make sure that your computer does not have a virus.

Sometimes it is hard to take the first step to asking for help in research, writing or technology, but just know that there are people at the library who want to help you figure out all of the resources that are at your fingertips.

But as Arthur said … you’ve got a library card. Check out Roesch.

For more information about the Knowledge Hub visit the Get Help section of the library website.

- Maia McLin is a junior biology major and a student research assistant at Roesch Library.

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