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Community Means Everyone

By Rachel Barnett

The insecurity and uncertainty for some in this country is palpable. As a Catholic and Marianist university, it is important that we protect our campus and community spaces by preserving safety and security for everyone. In a world so easily divided, we must unite and overcome adversity in all its forms. We must be committed to stand up for what we believe in, and to demonstrate our ability to intervene when necessary to support a community member in need.

The University Libraries can provide a variety of resources to educate students, faculty, and staff about bystander intervention. This episode of the Bullying and Beyond Series is available through Kanopy streaming and details the effects of bystander intervention on bullying as well as ways we can positively intervene and impact a situation. The Step-Up Program includes useful strategies to overcome bystander intervention, whereas Making Your School Safe explores how we can create a school climate supportive of social and emotional learning for all. Restoring Civil Societies is an online resource that details strategies we can use to come together after societal ruptures as we work toward safeguarding civil society.

If you find yourself in Roesch Library, please take and wear a safety pin to let others know they are safe with you, because you stand and fight against racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and ableism. Consider educating yourself on the importance of bystander interventions by checking out one of our many resources available. It is also Community Means Everyone week on campus, so consider getting involved in one of these community building activities.

Every minute of our day is filled with choices. Some we make readily and willingly, such as how well we prepare for a test, whether we play basketball this year, take an internship, or study abroad. Other choices may be forced upon us and we may not always be prepared to make them, but they can be the most important choices we make. Do we have the courage to intervene when we bear witness to unacceptable acts against others? Will we support those who must fight for the safety and security we often take for granted?

Please join us in making this campus a safe and secure space for all.

- Rachel Barnett, Evening Access Services Specialist

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