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A Flyer's Favorite Things

UD campus has seen a lot of changes since I was an undergraduate student here. I think one of the best changes is the library’s space, inside and out--and not just because I work here.

As a student, I worked in the Marian Library, making pamphlet binders, book covers, and scraping glue from the spines of books to make way for new covers. I tell people that my love of research and the printed word brought me to the library profession, but I think it’s more honest to say I love bringing order to chaos. Scraping glue from those book spines was the closest I’ve gotten to a meditative state at work.

It was often remarked in my days as a student how the library stuck out like a sore thumb, or rather, like a stack of books. Though some lament the library losing its ‘70s vibe, it has gained a more elegant exterior and lots of little study nooks tucked away inside.

The sixth floor, my favorite for how quiet it is and free of distractions (except for those nun dolls), is where I spent a lot of my time in the library as a student. I was in the library working, studying, meeting for dreaded group projects, drinking tea, and checking out some of the best views of campus.

Now, you can almost always find me on the first floor at the Knowledge Hub. I’m the one telling students where that book is, fixing that printer jam, or explaining how to get the full-text of that article. Sometimes I forget which side of the desk I’m supposed to be on, and wonder why I’m not working on a paper. (If you’ve pursued a Master’s degree, you’re all too familiar with feeling guilty when you’re not busy enough.)

Despite the changes on campus and in the library, what has remained consistent for me? The Blend, the 6th floor nun dolls, and walking by Omega Point every day. And I still think the library is the best place on campus.

- Jillian Sandy, Research Services Assistant

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