Tuesday February 17, 2015

Saturday Night Live!

Did you see the SNL anniversary special on Sunday night? The iconic television show celebrated 40 years on television and it was just a reminder of how much it has impacted our lives. Everyone has a favorite skit or character.

Even more profound is the range of cast members. SNL produced a who's-who of the greatest comedic (and dramatic) actors of the past half century. Rolling Stone, in fact, put together a ranking of all 141 cast members of the past 40 years. Number 1 is no surprise but #141 is definitely unexpected. Although 

Read the article in print on the second floor of Roesch Library or go to rollingstone.com.

University of Dayton's Facebook page posted that UD alum Don Novello '64 is on the long list of historic cast members to grace the stage of Saturday Night Live. While Novello was primarily a writer for SNL, he also played Father Guido Sarducci, a chain-smoking gossip reporter for the Vatican. You can watch a clip of him online. 

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow (Chevy Chase!!).

-Scott West, Information Resources Assistant

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