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Faith/Mission March 30, 2023
We all have different Faith journeys
Online classes through the University of Dayton provide new opportunities for global participants.
Faith/Mission March 23, 2023
Hispanic event offers youth exposure to Faith
More than 120 students converge on campus as part of an ongoing effort to connect younger generations with their faith.
Faith/Mission March 14, 2023
Finding Faith
A New Mexico man finds what he's looking for at the University of Dayton.
Faith/Mission March 07, 2023
Sisters reflect on life-changing VLCFF
During Catholic sisters week, we shine the spotlight on sisters who have touched the lives of people across the globe.
Continuing Education March 05, 2023
Lifelong Learning with my alma mater
A Golden Flyer spreads her wings with newfound knowledge from the university's online faith program.
Faith/Mission February 28, 2023
A Lasting Impression

Find out how a couple from Germany connected with a university online program.

Continuing Education February 14, 2023
All in the Family

From one generation to the next, a family's legacy at the University of Dayton and the importance of lifelong learning.

Faith/Mission January 13, 2023
All about Mary, online
New UD classes provide deeper appreciation, understanding and devotion to Mary.
Faculty December 19, 2022
Finding your purpose in life
Communication professor Laura Gillespie Toomb ('88) shares how she kept her faith and was guided by the Holy Spirit following the death of her son in her new book, SONflowers from Heaven.
Faith/Mission December 12, 2022
UD Connections: Faith in the land down under
University's VLCFF online format allows participants from across the globe to join a virtual community of learners.