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Faith/Mission March 12, 2019
Our Mission in the Middle East
I realize we are all a human beings with similar sensitivities, all striving to identify better as children of God.
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Faith/Mission February 26, 2019
Flyer 'Faith'ful
As a retired colonel in the U.S. Air Force, and now career advisor at the University of Dayton, Lisa Witt gives new meaning to "flyer" and "faithful."
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Faith/Mission February 07, 2019
UD's Catholic Intellectual Life
A number of people came up to me from various universities indicating how impressed they have been with the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives (IPI) for our online accomplishments over the years.
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Facutly and Staff January 24, 2019
And the Award Goes to...
Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, SAAZ as she's often referred to, probably won't be needing her signature fluorescent green glasses for her upcoming trip.
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Faith/Mission December 10, 2018
Making a Difference throughout the World

University of Dayton Online courses changing lives across the Globe.


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Faith/Mission November 15, 2018
Beautiful Religious Imagination
"The Crèches are coming! The Crèches are coming!"
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Faith/Mission November 08, 2018
Sister and her Guardian Angels
I pondered, as I often do, "how did I get here in my life?" I never thought I would be ministering over so many years in the Caribbean, feeling more at home there than perhaps in any diocese in the United States. 
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Faith/Mission October 29, 2018
Art, Mary and a Global Community!
What does it mean to work at a Catholic, Marianist institution? It means everything to me and my colleagues at the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives. We truly serve the Global Church.
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Continuing Education September 24, 2018
Join our Virtual Community
Our distance education program, called the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, (VLCFF) is the cornerstone of the work at IPI. Now UD Alumni, Faculty, and Staff can take advantage of our classes.
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Continuing Education September 12, 2018
Online Learning for Faculty and Staff
Interested in Marianist Studies, Social Justice, the Bible? Or what about Islam, Poverty, Praying? There are more than 100 course subjects to choose from and you can learn right from the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you.
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