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Faith/Mission July 12, 2021
Video reflections offer hope and inspiration

Find out how a few seconds of inspiration can revitalize one's mind and heart.

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Faith/Mission June 08, 2021
Catholicism ingrained in student's life
Reflecting on my character to better my relationship with people, myself, and God.
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Faith/Mission May 19, 2021
Praying with Poetry
Praying with poetry dates back to the Book of Psalms.
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Faith/Mission May 03, 2021
A Lesson in Faith for Children and Adults

These children are smiling during class for a reason.

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Faith/Mission April 13, 2021
La Universidad de Dayton VLCFF
VLCFF en Español
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Continuing Education April 12, 2021
A Faith Journey from Peru
From Peru to Dayton's VLCFF online.
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Campus and Community March 09, 2021
One year later: Coping with COVID

Students open up about coping with COVID.

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Continuing Education February 26, 2021
High praise for UD's global online program
Find out how you can join a global network of online learners
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Campus and Community February 01, 2021
Advancing your Faith during COVID

There's always something new to learn about your faith.

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Faith/Mission January 04, 2021
2020: A year to remember
We will never forget what happened in 2020.
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