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UD Connections: Faith in the land down under

Adult students from various cities in Australia have been completing online classes with the Institute’s Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) for six years now.

Whether participants join others to form a community of learners online, or they set up a closed course with members from their own parish or diocese, the VLCFF connects people across the globe.

By 2pm Dayton time our Australian friends are ready to wake up to start their day. It has always been fun knowing it’s Monday here but realizing it’s Tuesday in Australia already.

So, why do people from Australia choose to connect with us online?

“As a full-time music teacher, the online classes suited me very well. I managed to find the time to work on the course in between my classes, before school (as I am write to you now) and after hours.

Allan Hessey, Archdiocese of Melbourne

“I felt I needed to improve my pastoral care knowledge and skills through online courses at Dayton.

Geraldine Mcaskill, Archdiocese of Adelaide

“I didn’t attend a Catholic University, so VLCFF online courses helped fill some of those gaps I may have missed and allows me to obtain needed accreditation.

Michael O’Keeffe, Archdiocese of Melbourne

How has the University of Dayton VLCFF made an impact in your life?

“Completing the VLCFF online courses has had a huge impact not only in my teaching life but also my personal life. I feel that I understand the meaning of God's love for us and how grateful I am to have God in my life.

Allan Hessey, Archdiocese of Melbourne

“Dayton has given me the confidence to pursue my desired goals and allows for flexibility, I can complete in two years or four years.  This is truly God’s calling.

Geraldine Mcaskill, Archdiocese of Adelaide

“As I teach into year 12 of religious education next year, I hope that my newly obtained knowledge from the VLCFF will assist me in guiding our young people in Australia on their faith journey.

Michael O’Keeffe, Archdiocese of Melbourne

VLCFF classes in 2023 will commence on Jan. 9.  Find us at  VLCFF has served adult students with online courses in six continents and more than 76 countries worldwide. 

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