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VLCFF Online a real treasure

By John LeComte

Sybil Frey has become one of VLCFF's top cheerleaders.

“I'm your biggest fan,” Frey said with a beaming smile during our zoom interview from her home in Virginia. “I honestly can't put into words how much I've enjoyed these classes. It's a great way to learn your Catholic faith, and it's not intimidating. Even for somebody like me.”

Sybil converted to Catholicism in 2014, and the 62-year old says that's the main reason she began looking for online -educational options. 

“My knowledge was limited, but my desire pushed me to educate myself to have a more complete understanding of Catholicism,” she said. 

Frey's desire to learn more about her faith has resulted in her completing a whopping 45 courses with the VLCFF and looking to register for even more.

“I keep thinking that I am through, but your classes are so interesting and I have learned so much I can't stop,” she said. “I've been surprised by the high quality and rigorous content of the classes and I have learned so much.

Sybil currently works at St. Thomas More Church in Lynchburg, Va., and found out about VLCFF classes through the Diocese of Richmond.

“I truly appreciate the format allowing somebody who works full-time to study and finish the assignments without having to attend a class at a specific time,” she said. “It's a great program. I would encourage people to participate.”

As I mentioned earlier, Sybil continues to promote VLCFF courses.

“I spread the word all the time about the University of Dayton's VLCFF.  It's too valuable a resource for Catholic education – a real treasure!

VLCFF classes resume Jan. 17, 2022 and are offered year-round. Check out all the courses and calendar here. VLCFF also offers classes in Spanish and Arabic. Scholarships are available. Contact us for details.

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