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Inspiring Teachers, Igniting Change

Molly Pastore has been teaching in North Carolina for 12 years. Recently, Molly finished her online course with VLCFF and gave the experience high marks.

How did you find out about VLCFF classes?

"I found out about VLCFF through my diocese (Diocese of Raleigh). The diocese recommends catechists and teachers use VLCFF to complete their catechist courses."

What was your initial reaction after the first week of the five week class?

"I was hesitant to take an online course at first because I prefer a face-to-face instruction. I just get more out of authentic conversations and discussions. The feedback from the instructor and the other "students" was all positive and made one think. Those conversations, even though they were 'through a chat,' were just what I needed."

What did you think about the asynchronous format ?  

"I enjoyed the asynchronous format because it allowed me to read, reflect and reflect on other 'student' responses throughout the week instead of giving an immediate response as one would do in a standard classroom setting.  It was nice to be able to work at my own pace too."

What did you learn? 

"Reflecting back on the course and everything that was covered, the topic that sticks with me the most is the '10 Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.'  As a Catholic School teacher, my school's actions and words reflect all of these teachings (in some way), but it is never publicized as such and should be talked about more within Catholic Schools. It is something that Catholics believe in and do."

Did the course help you with professional development?

"This course helped with my professional development as far as my Catholic Identity and growing my own personal Catholic faith. It also inspired me to ask my school's Catholic Identity team to set up opportunities for the teachers and staff to partake in any faith-based event which will help them grow in knowledge and understanding of their Catholic faith, to live out their Catholic faith in their everyday lives."

What do you think is the most important skill when taking these VLCFF online courses?

"There are a lot of important skills when taking a VLCFF course, but the two that come to mind are time management and knowing how to interact and respond to a written response of another participant. Taking an online course also teaches one to take time and process different points of view before responding."

What will you tell others about this online experience?    

"What you read, what time and day you read, what you learn and how much you learn is all up to you when taking a course through the VLCFF-online platform. The weekly plan was well laid out so you could work at your own pace. I was challenged to think outside the box on how to implement some of the content within the course and use it in my classroom."

The VLCFF offers teacher certification, deacon training, certificate programs and closed sections for learning.  Classes resume Jan. 17, 2022 and are offered year-round. Check out all the courses, and calendar here. VLCFF also offers classes in Spanish and Arabic.

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