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The Global Impact of Online Learning

By John LeComte

Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Their gratitude is heartfelt.

Nearly 8,430 miles from Dayton, adult students from the Philippines log in and connect with our online portal — — filled with more than 120 courses.

Why are they completing online classes with the university?

To learn, lead and serve.

“This knowledge from VLCFF online is a great help in rebuilding our community this time during a pandemic.”  — Bro. Marwil Llasos

“To share the knowledge, learnings and experiences from VLCFF to people around me and to the community I am serving.”  — Jasper John Lopez 

“To impact the communities that we serve, through the lessons learned in the VLCFF e-courses we are servant-leaders who implement the evangelization.” — Dr. Herminilito Slazar Luna, JD

“I can pass on the lessons learned in your VLCFF e-seminar for the much needed impact to the communities that we are here to serve.”  — Lucito "Chito" R. Santos

All participants completing our online e-courses (five weeks) or e-seminars (three weeks) agree the VLCFF online rejuvenated their own faith journey.

“Truly, the VLCFF made it possible for me to learn at my own pace, anytime and anywhere," Lopez said. “This instant learning developed by VLCFF, as I may say, is the best mode of learning during this time of pandemic crisis. Incredibly insta-learning!"

According to Dr. Aldwin R. Sanchez, VLCFF online e-courses convinced him to return to his studies in the Philippines, taking Theology courses again after nearly 30 years.

"The talents and gifts that I have are to be used for service to humanity, " he said. "I am just an earthen vessel molded by God’s hands to be able to dispense the living water to satisfy the thirst of the thirsty."

Dr. Luna said the online courses impacted him personally in a joyful, refreshing and very fruitful way, and wants to pass on his knowledge to future generations.

“Teaching their minds, touching their hearts and transforming their lives,” Luna said. “I can not give with what I do not have and I serve well if I have continuous faith, theology, pastoral and historical formation and training.

“In order to do this, these virtual courses through the University of Dayton is the best faith platform.”

Anybody can register for a VLCFF online e-course. Simply create a profile in under two minutes and you are ready to register for a course! VLCFF online is year-round, with start dates of Aug. 22 and Oct. 10 in 2021.  Classes in English, Spanish and Arabic. See the complete course list here.

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