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Praying with Poetry

Have you ever considered praying…with poetry?

Poetry as prayer has a long history going back to the Book of Psalms.

Poetry lends itself to prayer, which evokes praise, which transcends tumultuous times (such as those we have encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic)   

Poetry gives us peace.

Poetry greatly enriches prayer, reflection, and dialogue.

The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives turned to other ways of evangelizing, by using poetry.

Beginning with the first Sunday of Lent this year, Dr. Dorothy Mensah-Aggrey worked on a series of poems written by herself and Fr. Martin (he would like to be known by his first name only).

The lyrics, reaching over 1,000 people, helped soothe the hearts of many who had lost loved ones and wondered where God is in all the misery associated with the pandemic.

Some of the poems highlighted the love of the heavenly Father, while others shed light on the pain of the Blessed Mother while she stood at the foot of the Cross. The mystery of the Triduum was also captured in these poems culminating with the resurrection.

Here's another poem in our series.   As you read this, think about the message and your own faith journey.

You are in the whisper (Pentecost)

There is a blue lullaby that resounds in the night,

the dark night when the white moon is missing,

and there is only your love,

a red love, a love so red that it sets ablaze.

My evanescent dreams,

for you only want me to be awake,

awake to the yellow, light, gentle whisper.

For you are not in the wind,

you are not in the earthquake,

you are not in the fire,

you are within, deep within my heart,

teaching me to sing, to sing, to sing,

that blue lullaby that resounds in the night.

Fr. Martin, 2021

Dorothy Mensah-Aggrey, Ph.D., is coordinator for Curriculum Design and Adult Catechesis at the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, which provides online classes for faith formation at  dr. Aggrey's new book, titled, "Thank you!  I’ll Say it Again," was released in October 2020.   Dr. Aggrey takes you on a journey of how gratitude radically shaped her life, and how it can transform your life as well. Dr. Aggrey will also continue rendering more prayer poems on her Youtube channel to continue this ministry.   

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