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Forgotten Faith revived Online

By John LeComte

Working in UD's Intensive English Program, Kathy Wehkamp supports students on their journey to learn and understand a culture foreign to them.

After 21 years on campus, Wehkamp has rekindled what had been foreign to her, her faith.

"The VLCFF course provided me with support and awareness of my Catholic faith I had forgotten over the years," said Wehkamp. "The courses have brought me closer to God and his amazing graces." 

This online experience is open to all faculty & staff. 

It is called the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation, commonly known as the VLCFF Here's the website: 

The University's Department of Human Resources covers the cost of VLCFF courses for faculty and staff.  Courses are either 3 or 5 weeks in duration.   Topics include: Marianist Studies, such as FoundersCharism, & Mary; Social Justice studies titled Echoes of RacismCatholic Social Teachings, and other courses such as Prophets, Islam, and Catholic Beliefs to name a few of the 100 course subjects in English and Spanish.

The benefit is all the learning can all be done at your convenience, anytime, anywhere - we have a student picture from a cruise ship!

All from the comfort of your home, morning, day, night, weekday or weekends.   

"I like the format," says Wehkamp, who just finished up her third course this summer. 

"You just need some time management to respond on the discussion board to the postings of the other online learners, of course, after you complete the assigned readings."

Wehkamp, a Marianist Educational Associate (MEA) on campus, feels honored to be given this online learning opportunity through the university.

"I have met so many people within the UD community wanting to learn more about the Marianist faith and traditions," she says.  "I had the opportunity to work with Brother Blaise Mosengo S.M. I could see the Marianist spirit work through him, which was powerful."

"I hope and pray I can live my life the same way Brother Blaise does, transforming lives through compassion, integrity and love."

Wehkamp has completed online courses titled Conscience and Mercy.  In September she will go back online for another course to rekindle her faith.

"What an amazing gift this is!" Wehkamp said.  serves 80 Arch (dioceses) around the world and is on pace to educate 6,000 adult learners in 2019.  Dayton alumni are welcome to register for a course at a reduced rate of $40 per e-seminar and $50 per e-course.  Established in 2000, it is set up for adult faith formation, teacher certification and religious education. Courses are designed to be an integrated e-learning experience within an online faith community guided by a qualified Catholic facilitator.  Check out the course catalog and register for a course today.   Cycle 6  courses begins September 8.  Cycle 7 starts October 27.


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