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Singing the Praises of Lifelong Learners

By John LeComte

It's summer time. Graduations. Vacations. Reunions.  

Reunion weekend in June on campus got me thinking about the future of graduates, specifically lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning is right at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere. Online.  All you need is your phone, tablet or computer.

Did you know that for just $10 per week for a 5-week course, provides a diverse online learning experience?

It’s called the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.

There’s a course on emotional intelligence, a course on the Bible, a  course on racism (3-weeks). There are more than 100 course subjects in English and Spanish.

Adult learners tell us completing a 5-week e-course (or 3-week e-seminar) with people around the world, make this a unique and gratifying experience.

“I was surprised by the wide variety of participants and their backgrounds,” said Lisa Witt, University of Dayton career services. “I wanted the ability to feel connected with the Church again and the VLCFF online course really helped me.” 

Patti Caffrey, a teacher in New Jersey, has taken 10 VLCFF courses.

“My students are always impressed when they discover that I am a lifelong learner,” said Caffrey. “I also learned how to deliver a top notch online experience for my students using the VLCFF discussion board as my model.”

Through the discussion board, students learn from others and truly form a “virtual” community of faith.

“The VLCFF strives to listen to those we serve and collaborate to ensure vitality, enthusiasm and synergy for being a mature, informed and dynamic Church,” says Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min, Director of the VLCFF, which will celebrate 20 years online in 2020. 

So, become a Lifelong Learner.  

The next learning cycle begins July 21. Check out the course catalog.

We welcome you to join the more than 7,000 students online worldwide with the VLCFF in 2019 and beyond!  courses are designed to be an integrated e-learning experience within an online faith community guided by a qualified Catholic facilitator. Our e-courses and e-seminars are grounded in authentic Catholic teaching, offering opportunities for e-participants to critically reflect and nurture their faith experience and share pastoral best practices. Email John LeComte – for more information or to donate to help with scholarships. 

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