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Welcome to the CIP

By Center for International Programs

Ramón Stern, Assistant Director for Campus Engagement

Ramón Stern is an avid reader, who loves to travel and meet new people: “Meeting people from different walks of life and backgrounds wherever I am is something I never get bored of. My father, a man of humble origins who led a successful career in higher education, taught me that respect for others from all stations of life is a value to cherish! I have carried that with me ever since.”

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Ramón sees this new job as a homecoming. In a few weeks in Dayton, Ramón has already met some very interesting people, including business owners, his co-workers at UD and members of his living community. “There is something special about Dayton. It is full of gems, charm and amazing people. I am so excited to be back in the Midwest.”

Ramón brings experience in intercultural programming, student and scholar support from his time managing Brown University’s Brazil Initiative and serving as the key administrator of the Brazilian Studies Association, an academic non-profit. In these two roles, he oversaw large academic conferences, organized art exhibits and sought to center Black Brazilians and indigenous communities in educating the public on Brazil. 

Ramón shared how fortunate he feels to have had the opportunity to develop relationships in different parts of the world:  “I channel my father’s expressive and affable nature, and my mother’s empathy and try to bring both of their spirits to the work I do. I am excited to contribute to the very active and dynamic intercultural and international education environment at UD,” he says.

A polyglot of American Jewish and Chilean background, Ramón is excited to engage in rich exchanges with UD’s faculty, staff and students. He loves languages and how they open up opportunities for connection. Ramón speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently, is advanced in Hebrew and Arabic, and can read and understand a decent amount of French and Italian. In his role as the Assistant Director of Campus Engagement, Ramón will support the development of intercultural learning on campus, coordinate collaborative programming, assist in dialogue efforts, serve on diversity, equity and inclusion committees and plan marketing and communication initiatives within the Center for International Programs. Welcome, Ramón!


Morgan Hoog, International Student Coordinator

Morgan Hoog is full of energy, a “go-er,” in her own words, who is always doing things. She is also an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, kayak, and travel internationally and domestically outside of Ohio. This spirit of adventure is the basis of her philosophy of international travel: “I got the chance to travel to the UK and throughout Europe as a student. What made these trips so enriching was that they were unpredictable. You never knew what to expect. While this can be scary, it is at the heart of international travel and the learning that is part of it,” she says.

When Morgan needs down time, she loves to read, to make arts and crafts, go to the lake or beach and spend time with her nieces and nephews (though this is not always as relaxing!). She gets drawn into sports events, because her family is passionate about them, albeit a bit more than her. Morgan loves Dayton for “its close-knit community, that particular feeling of welcome and belonging that is unique to Dayton.” She hopes to foster and pass along that spirit of community to the international students she advises, mentors and supports at UD.

Morgan is an alumna of Wright State who studied student affairs in higher education and interned at UD as an administrative assistant in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services. She then moved on to the role of Admissions Counselor at Sinclair Community College before settling into her latest position as International Student Coordinator at UD in the ISSS. In her current role, Morgan will coordinate programming for the international student community, advise and support them in adjustment to campus, career preparation and immigration compliance, and develop orientation programs among other responsibilities.  

Morgan is very excited to work on UD’s peer-to-peer programming that pairs international students with staff, domestic students and local community members. This offers the opportunity for international students to get to know Dayton’s neighborhoods and charms without a stressful time commitment and sometimes even engage in language exchange. Ultimately, Morgan says she hopes to “cultivate a strong connection to campus for international students where they have someone to talk to among UD’s staff, faculty and domestic students.” Morgan Hoog’s enthusiasm will add to an already dynamic and fast-paced atmosphere in International Student and Scholar Services. Welcome, Morgan!

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