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Marian Library

Nativity Sets Chosen by Volunteers

The Marian Library Nativity Collection contains over 3,600 Nativity sets from all around the world. Each year, volunteers spend over 6,000 hours cleaning, sorting, packing, unpacking and making repairs to the various figures and settings for display during the Christmas season. It truly is a labor of love.

This year, the Marian Library is giving special recognition to these volunteers. Each volunteer was invited to choose a favorite set from the collection to display in the exhibit which runs through Jan. 12, 2020. The selected Nativities represent many different countries, cultures, artists, materials and styles. On the top of each setting is a commentary or reflection written by the volunteer who chose that Nativity for display.

The largest set being showcased is the Provençal Village. This was an endeavor led by Mike Foley with assistance from his wife, Michele Foley. It involved more volunteers than any other setting in the collection. 

In the spirit of applauding the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, the Marian Library would like to give special recognition to the following volunteers who have each given 500 or more hours of service:

Rita Blommel, Ken & Norma Breakall, Connie Breen, Lois Brun, Brent & Michele Devitt, Michael & Michele Foley, Brother John Habjan, S.M., Stephany Harris, Vincenzina Krymow, Anne Malone, Marie-Louise “Weezie” McGinnis, Harry & Cecilia Mushenheim, Bud & Jean Nickelman, Ann O’Connor, Fritz Ostdiek, Ann Persensky, Phil & Mary Powers, Mary Jo Riegel, Bernadette Kaufmann Roten, Ginny Saxton, Pat Tricarico, Mary Jane Whalen, Mary Ellen Wilson and George & Marjorie Yefchek.  

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Join the team!

Learn more about volunteering at the Marian Library's crèche workshop.

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