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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Wall Street Comes to Brown Street

Providing campuswide access to one of the world’s leading financial newspapers is one way that One Day, One Dayton donors made an immediate impact for students at UD.

In a collaborative effort funded by donors and driven by the School of Business Administration, University Libraries and the Davis Center for Portfolio Management, UD has partnered with The Wall Street Journal to provide full digital access to and the app, as well as podcasts, newsletters and teaching tools to the entire campus community. The Wall Street Journal provides targeted coverage of the current business environment, specifically in the financial markets.

School of Business Administration faculty initiated the idea of subscribing to The Wall Street Journal and One Day, One Dayton donations brought the idea to fruition. “We surveyed the faculty, and nearly 90% said they would use the resource in class if they had it. I look forward to all the innovative ways the faculty will use this subscription to add value to the learning experience,” said Trevor Collier, dean of UD’s School of Business Administration.

Lecturer and Director of the Davis Center for Portfolio Management Daniel Kapusta is especially excited about the new subscription. “In the Davis Center we plan to use The Wall Street Journal subscription to help us pick the right investments for the Flyer Investment Fund, which is the student-managed portion of the UD endowment fund,” said Kapusta.  

He also plans to use the subscription in his classroom to connect finance concepts to real-world events. “Access to articles and podcasts offers tremendous teaching opportunities. I’m very thankful for the donations that made the subscription possible and for the collaborative efforts of the University Libraries, the Davis Center and the School of Business Administration to benefit the entire campus community,” said Kapusta.

And while the subscription is of special interest to business students and faculty, any current UD student or employee has access to the complimentary subscription at no cost to them. Once registered, students have access until graduation. After graduation, students have a 90-day grace period of access and can continue a personal subscription at a discounted rate.

University Libraries staff believe all UD students benefit from seeking multiple sources and perspectives on the news that they consume. “Access to reliable and professional reporting through complimentary subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal is a great asset to UD students, faculty and staff. Reading The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of business, economics, and U.S. and international news can add invaluable insight to classroom, experiential and co-curricular learning in many fields of study,” said Bridget Retzloff, assistant professor and digital pedagogy librarian.

The subscription could even help students be more successful in interviews for co-ops, internships and ultimately their first job after college. “Reading The Wall Street Journal helps students become fluent in using industry language and stay abreast of current events — both of which make an impression in an interview,” said Collier.

The Wall Street Journal subscription is just one example of how One Day, One Dayton continues to benefit the campus community long after that one day has ended. “When alumni and donors support UD on One Day, One Dayton, they help all students succeed,” said Collier.

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