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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Chaminade Scholar Leads Red Scare

Where else but UD would you find a student like Jacob Mantle? He’s a Chaminade Scholar and a leader of Red Scare — as focused on exploring his faith in vocation as he is dedicated to bringing fans to a frenzy under the bright lights of UD Arena. And those are just two of the hats worn by Mantle, who was president of Red Scare last year, and this year is the vice president for external relations.

The recipient of the Dayton Newspapers Inc. Scholarship, Mantle said the scholarship has allowed him to explore more interests at UD, like getting involved with Red Scare and playing cello in the orchestra. He has also worked for the Department of Communication since his sophomore year and is working with athletics communications this year, too.

Throw in an internship over the summer with Crown Equipment and his experience through the Chaminade Scholars cohort for students in the Honors Program, and you start to get a good sense of just how involved Mantle is across campus, and why scholarships that enable students to thrive at UD are so important to the community.

“If I were talking right now to a UD donor, I’d say thank you for your philanthropy and your continued belief in UD."

“If I were talking right now to a UD donor, I’d say thank you for your philanthropy and your continued belief in UD — the academics as well as the college experience in general,” said Mantle. “Personally, I’ve been able to do so much on campus because I haven’t had to worry as much about the financial side, which has been super.”

As a student worker in communication, he’s even weighed in on the hiring of four new faculty members, adding his voice and guidance to the direction of the department. And he’s enjoyed his UD experience so much that, after graduation this spring, he is staying for another year to complete his master’s in communication, too.

“I’m thankful and excited for the challenge of a fifth year,” said Mantle. “The chance to learn more with other students pursuing their passion, and possibly having the opportunity to give back to UD by being a graduate assistant, is something I’m looking forward to.”

Mantle has certainly made the most of opportunities throughout his undergraduate career. “Sometimes I’ve been the victim of spreading myself too thin, but there are so many opportunities to choose from at UD that are worth pursuing.” Like the orchestra, which Mantle joined late in his undergraduate career.

“One thing I love about orchestra, I took from my high school director who said that, ‘music is one of the few ways where everyone’s individual pieces come together to make something super beautiful,’” said Mantle.

You don’t have to stretch that analogy far to see that scholarships that help students like Mantle come to UD are a critical instrument in creating the symphony we call community at UD.

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