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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Better Together

Something special is happening at the University of Dayton School of Business Administration, and it’s happening outside of the classroom.

A growing number of students — and not just seniors — are benefiting from an important SBA initiative to get students into internship positions at companies around the country. Most students come to the School of Business Administration without knowing exactly what they want to do with their career, and internships let them figure that out.

“Until you’ve actually done it in the real world, it’s very difficult to be able to make those connections,” said Marsha Keune, associate dean for undergraduate programs. “So, it helps to lift up the education that they get in the classroom and make it even more meaningful.”

Thanks to SBA’s accelerated focus on internships in recent years, there are now more companies interested in working with UD students.

And that’s where support from donors can make a big impact, especially on days like One Day, One Dayton, which is April 6, 2022. Every donation — no matter the amount — adds up to create something really special for students like senior Samuel Broom.

Broom nabbed an internship at an Indianapolis renewable energy company during the summer of 2021. But since he is from South Carolina, and since Indianapolis is a long commute from his University housing, Broom found himself living in a hotel room and on the hook for transportation not only to and from the city but also among the company’s various buildings.

A scholarship awarded through SBA helped him cover some of those costs, allowing him to focus on what really mattered.

“It was a phenomenal experience and really kind of shaped me and what I want to pursue after school,” said Broom.

Using what he learned during his internship, Broom plans to pursue a master’s degree in data analytics after he graduates in May. He’s already been accepted to his choice program at William and Mary.

“SBA does a great job teaching students how to set themselves up for success within their career,” said Broom. “And without the support of our donors, we wouldn’t have the awesome opportunities we had or even thought were possible.”

All of those awesome opportunities have the School of Business Administration thinking about what it can do in the future, too.

“It takes many people to make an impact, and even young alumni can make a significant impact by giving in amounts that they might feel aren't necessarily the most impactful,” said Keune. “Each donation makes a difference and they multiply together and ultimately become very significant.”

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