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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Shining the Light

When you see the light of God, you have to reflect the shine. Melody Conrad, a communication major with a minor in religious studies, is a walking beacon of God’s love at the University of Dayton.

Seemingly tireless, Conrad is graduating in just three years thanks to a pocketful of AP credits and an incredible work ethic. She’s taken 18 hours almost every semester, participated in a cross-cultural immersion program in Zambia, is a member of the Ebony Heritage Singers, and has worked for the Marian Library, Flyer News and UD Late Night. 

UD Late Night received funding from the University’s first giving day — One Day, One Dayton — and provides healthy social alternatives to heading out to a bar or party with alcohol. Every week there are options for students, from day trips to movies to trivia nights.

“UD Late Night gives me the chance to problem solve in the moment while creating opportunities for people to connect,” said Conrad, an ambassador for the program. “We are all God’s children, and creating these safe spaces is a way we’re expressing that everyone is cared for and valued.”

That aspect of problem-solving — or hands-on learning — is something Conrad highlights about her time at UD.

“Experiential learning is big on campus,” said Conrad. “Even in our classes, we are getting off campus to get things done, learn and understand the world better. I spent 20 hours volunteering at a nursing home as part of the class Disability and the Bible.”

Conrad, who is headed to seminary to become a Methodist minister after graduating from UD, credits an amazing undergraduate experience in part to the professors and staff across the University of Dayton.

“My professors, even outside my major, have been phenomenal,” said Conrad. “Communication, religious studies, accounting … all of my professors have been so good at taking the complex and making it accessible.”

She gives a special nod to Rev. D (Rev. Dustin Pickett), campus minister for Christian diversity and ecumenical ministry. “He is just so on fire for God,” said Conrad. “He’s a role model. He’s a leader. He expresses this genuine commitment to his faith, and he’s able to help me grow.”

It will come as no surprise to hear these same sentiments expressed about Conrad throughout her future as she leads, serves and shines her bright light of faith while guiding others.

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