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Alumni and Friends Making an Impact

Better Together

Wayne Hogrefe ’72 wanted to do his own thing — something different. He heard about UD from a friend of his sister, and UD had two things he wanted. It was the right size, and no one he knew was going there.

His independent streak led him straight to a place that is known for community. Even for someone bound and determined to set out on their own, the lasting impression that UD made is that we are all better when we are all together.

“When I applied, I didn’t even know UD was a Catholic, Marianist university,” said Hogrefe. “But when my mom found out, she was happy,” he laughed. “I may not have put a lot of thought into it at 17 years old,” said Hogrefe. “But it was a great decision.”

To this day, Hogrefe counts more than 20 people he met during his time at UD as his closest friends. Despite being spread across the country these days, they still get together every two years. He is thankful to UD for helping to create that bond.

At the time, Hogrefe didn’t think about what the University was doing to foster these friendships and sense of community, but now he gives back specifically because the University created the space and the place that allowed these friendships and community to flourish.

“I think I owe it to the University to give back for allowing these connections and community to happen,” said Hogrefe, a member of the University’s Front Porch Society (which celebrates annual giving of three consecutive years or more) and the Leo Meyer Society (which recognizes people who establish a bequest to the University).

Hogrefe is also dedicated to making unrestricted gifts to the UD Fund. While he was at UD from 1968 to 1972, the whole world changed. And it’s changing again today.

“I have faith in the University to apply the funds to the area of greatest need, and that area of need changes from year to year. Like right now, there is a lot of financial impact on the University that no one would have thought of last year,” said Hogrefe.

“The flexibility of funding is important, and I believe if a place has had an impact on your life, it’s your responsibility to support those people and institutions that have made such a difference.”

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