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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Welcoming Home WISE 

By Alexis Kemble '24, sophomore, WISE ILLC current RA

It’s no secret that moving into college can be an overwhelming experience for a first-year student. Whether it means living in a city hundreds of miles from home or learning how to find a routine that works in harmony with thirty-five other floormates, there are so many unpredictables that are difficult to face alone but are easier with the support of a community.

And where is that community found at the University of Dayton? Well, ours is found through WISE!

The Women in Science and Engineering Integrated Living-Learning Community is designed to create a community rooted in aligned academic interests and women supporting women.

To foster an atmosphere of sisterhood and encouragement amongst all of our young women studying science and engineering, WISE welcomed all of our new members in an orientation evening that kicked off the first week of school. To build friendships, Professor Hart, members of the WISE house, and the RAs of the WISE floors introduced themselves and engaged the new members in a craft, Italian ice, and fellowship. 

To celebrate the end of the second week, the WISE house hosted a cookout with dinner, cornhole, games, and sheet-sign making as another opportunity to grow in community. Here’s what some of the WISE residents had to say about these events: 

“The WISE cookout was a great opportunity to meet new people and bond somewhere outside of our three floors! The WISE house had lots of fun games and food, and it was an awesome group to be with.” - Emily D. ‘25

“The cookout was a fun way to get to meet more of the WISE girls; the food was great, and the cornhole was fun! The mentoring minute-to-win-it ice breakers were a creative way to get to know people, and the mentors were super nice and welcoming!” -Lou P. ‘25

“The WISE cookout was super fun, and I got to meet new friends and eat food!” -Hailey N. ‘25 

“The WISE cookout was a great opportunity to get to meet the people who live around me. I really enjoyed teaching people how to play can jam and can say with certainty that this is going to be a fun year.” -Liesl C. ‘25

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