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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Business Ethics and Environmental Sustainability Alumni Update

By Julia Mills

After being sent home from the University of Dayton in March, many BEES (Business Ethics and Environmental Sustainability) students stayed connected throughout the pandemic and roomed together heading into sophomore year. Seven BEES alumni reminisced about a field trip from the fall of 2019, when students cleaned up the Little Miami River at John Bryan State Park. They visited the park again April 14. 

Gianna Russo, Ryan Harrison, Luke Beasecker, Jackson Mescher, Sam Knapp, Julia Mills and Maggie Shannon ventured to John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs Ohio. With 752 acres in the park, a lot of exploring was done. The BEES hiked many different trails, climbed rocks, hammocked along the river, played football and even went swimming. After the hike, the BEES kept another tradition alive by eating the necessary food groups. Pizza was enjoyed by all at Ha Ha Pizza, a local restaurant in Yellow Springs.  

Looking back, all seven hikers were grateful they joined BEES. The group gave credit to the countless field trips and classes organized by Professor Barbra John that allowed many friendships to grow. Throughout the pandemic, they missed waking up early on Saturday mornings and spending the afternoon with Professor John and other BEES.

Professor John is someone the BEES continue to stay in contact with. The group knows the professor will always be there for us.

The BEES integrated living learning community creates an environment ensuring quality education. Business students participate in field trips around Dayton, which reinforces economic concepts learned in the classroom. Not only are students learning about business ethics and environmental sustainability, but also cultivating friendships that will last a lifetime.

 The group is hoping for a full BEES reunion this fall. 

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