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WISE Thanksgiving

By Tyler Horton

In the midst of one of the most exhausting weeks of the semester, the WISE women were given a wonderful night filled with delicious food, "family time," and a break from studying to help get us through the week.

This event was the WISE Thanksgiving that was put on the Friday before the holiday. The evening was filled with lots of smiles and full bellies as about 40 of us all came together and were able to de-stress and enjoy each other's company.

While I have enjoyed every event put on by the WISE board coordinators and WISE house this semester, this one was extra special,  as we all sat together and were reminded of the beautiful blessings this life has given us. With a prayer to begin our feast, the night continued to bring smiles to my face in many ways from Professor Hart spraying whip cream into our mouths to seeing who could eat the most rolls (They were delicious!).

Also, there was a special appearance from Dr. Crosson, the WISE Chemistry 123 section professor, who only brought more joy to my night. Being able to share a meal and hear about his family was a wonderful experience as the professors of classes with about 90 students sometimes don't even know your name.

This event is just another example of one of the many that our University puts on to help us grow as a community of students and staff. In some of the most difficult days before I got to go on break to see own family, the WISE Thanksgiving gave me all the love and joy I needed to help get me through the final few days.

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