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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

Curiosity in the Classroom

By Said Elhamri

Below are some of the comments made by members of the Fall 2017 CIC ILLC: 

"The ILLC experience was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Coming into freshman year, I was reluctant about surrounding myself with only people in my major. I was worried that I would struggle making close friends because everyone would be similar. However, by the second week of school, my floor mates became my  best friends. We grew so close so fast, and I am so thankful for that. I would have never thought that a group of 8 people could be as close as we are. If I did not live in the ILLC, I would not have had the same opportunity to meet the girls on my floor. Living in a learning community has brought me to my best friends that I know I will have forever."

"The ILLC experience was a very reassuring experience for me. Listening to the passions in the guest speakers' voices as they discussed their profession was extremely inspiring, and it reminded me why I was pursuing education.  All the speakers touched on the power of teaching and how rewarding of a profession it is. I cannot wait for the day when I have my own classroom and am entrusted with the same power and experience these same rewards. Any doubt in my mind was removed when I left the ILLC events because of the passion, dedication, and heart of the speakers who shared their experiences with us. Because of this, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be in the Curiosity in the Classroom ILLC."

"My experience in the ILLC has been extremely beneficial, and I will cherish the memories and skills I have acquired from the events, as well as the surrounding environment the ILLC has created for me...Additionally, the ILLC has given me a lot of valuable guidance toward my future career as an educator. I have always known that I wanted to teach one day, but I never realized everything that goes on behind the scenes in the life of a teacher. This program helped me to see and appreciate all that our teachers do, but no one else sees, for their students. Lastly, by being in the ILLC, I gained an appreciation for the career, not just the passion, which I believe I have always had.  The presentations and guidance from my peers has helped me to find ways in which I can capture my passion and express it through teaching.   I am very thankful for having been a part fo the ILLC, and the experience will stay with me as I continue my journey toward becoming the best teacher I can be."

"I really enjoyed the whole ILLC experience.  Living in the residence halls with other education majors who are now my best friends is one of the highlights of my time so far at UD. We have gotten so close so fast, and I can thank the ILLC for that. Additionally, I loved the ILLC events and speakers.  I left each event even more excited to be a teacher, and the speakers were always so inspiring...The ILLC was an extremely positive experience for me, and I couldn't be happier that I am a part of it!"

"The ILLC experience has been motivating and inspiring.  It has helped me dive deeper into the topic of vocation to help me not only make sure that this is the career for me, but also remind me how important education and teachers really are. It also reminded me how good it felt to get fired up by learning."

"I enjoyed the ILLC events very much.   It was a great way to meet new people and learn more about being an educator. It helped assure me that this is what I want to do and made me feel confident that I have the ability to make a difference in a child's life."

"The ILLC events were not what I expected them to be.  They were more than I could have expected.  I realized very quickly from the speakers that I was meant to be a teacher, and I am in the right hands at this school."

"The ILLC experience was very eye-opening. The speakers that were brought in were all very engaging and gave many different viewpoints that strengthened my resolve to be a teacher."

"The ILLC was very helpful and inspiring. All of the speakers that were brought in were amazing and gave many different viewpoints to offer us as future teachers."

"I really enjoyed the last ILLC meeting. It was a good reflection on how the first semester of Dayton has changed me as a person."

"I'm so glad that I clicked that button in the summer and agreed to be a member of the ILLC this semester."

"I believe that being a part of the ILLC was an essential part of my first semester here at UD."

"The ILLC experience was very inspiring to me, as a future teacher."

"The ILLCs were a great experience for me personally."

"I believe this ILLC has made me a better future educator."

"I loved the ILLC experience!"

Comments made by students following individual ILLC events:

"I think last night's event was very eye opening. Each ILLC speaker that we have had has genuinely reassured me that teaching is what I want to do. Last night was no different...It also fueled my fire a little bit and made me want to work harder in school...Overall, I enjoyed this ILLC event, and I look forward to the next one."

"The speakers were amazing, and they never lost my attention.  They made me so excited for the day I finally am able to teach my own class. It also made me realize that I should branch out and join clubs that will help me be prepared to be a great teacher."

"I enjoyed the presentation a lot! I thought it was very inspirational and thought-provoking. They gave many good examples and showed me the kind of teacher I want to be."

"I loved the event last night! It really made me start to think of the actual reasons why I want to be a teacher and come up with a plan to follow that passion!"

"I really enjoyed the ILLC event last night. It was awesome to hear from people who are so passionate about what they do."

"I thought the talk yesterday was very inspirational."

"I really enjoyed the ILLC event last night. I think it put into perspective the importance of not only being a teacher, but also of being a good teacher."

"The presentation truly inspired me to become an educator. It gave me the push and drive that I needed to reaffirm my goals to be a teacher."

"I think last night's activity was extremely inspiring. All of the ILLC events have been helpful, but this one hit home...I really liked this ILLC."

"I enjoyed this ILLC because it made me want to do something today."

"Last night's ILLC guest speaker got me fired up about teaching."

"I think the speaker at the ILLC event was so inspirational."

"I thought the ILLC event last night was amazing!"

"I thought the talk yesterday was very inspirational."

"I think last night's activity was very empowering." 




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