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Integrated Learning-Living Communities

WISE Fall 2017

By Sophie Yurczyk

First-year WISE students met for the annual WISE Tool Workshop on September 9. This event is an amazing way to give students access to design, build, and decorate a small item to use in their dorm room.

Students are given a template to build a display shelf for their desks. From there, they can customize it however they’d like, or even create their own project.

The workshop allowed students to have access to any tool they would like to use, and how to use it correctly.

Katie said, “Using the saw was my favorite part! I’ve never used something like that before. I learned how to change the bits out of the drill and the proper way to use these tools.”

“My favorite part was using the drill! I did tech for theater and I missed it. I had never really used a belt sander like that, and that was really cool. I also used the band saw which was awesome,” said Jillian.

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