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Experiential Learning November 06, 2018
Perspectives from the GEMnasium: Lauren DeClark
Senior Lauren DeClark experiences the impact of vulnerable conversations and a humanity-centered mindset.
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Experiential Learning October 31, 2018
Drive Series Part I: Who do you want to be?
IACT Certificate students look beyond a job title while examining passion, purpose, and possibility.
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Innovation July 10, 2018
Second Annual IACT Creative Summit
Join us on Wednesday, July 25, as we explore the future of education and unveil the final deliverables of Collaboration Accelerator 4.0.
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Innovation June 18, 2018
Concourse D: What's Next
A student-designed project development studio and collaboration space comes to life.
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Innovation April 27, 2018
How Do We Re-Engineer Public Transportation to be More Inclusive?
IACT certificate students Alexandra Damiani, Lewis Forman and Quinton Thomas are colliding their purposes to redesign public transportation for people with autism.
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Innovation April 26, 2018
How Do We Create a Healthy Community that can Sustain Itself?
IACT certificate students Karly Michel, Colin Joern and Maddie Thomas are colliding their purposes to develop a sustainable model for wellness and dental care.
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Experiential Learning March 16, 2018
Now Recruiting for Collaboration Accelerator 4.0
IACT is looking for 10 of the most engaged students across all disciplines for this unique summer internship opportunity.
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Innovation February 28, 2018
How Do We Revolutionize Rehabilitation?
IACT certificate students Brittany Kieffer, Michael Gilbert and Christa White are actionizing their purposes to develop a restorative framework for people with addiction.
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Innovation November 13, 2017
Introducing Departure Times for Concourse D
Concourse D is a prototyped project development studio located on the second floor of Roesch library that emerged from the 2017 Collaboration Accelerator program.
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Innovation April 03, 2017
Making a Global Impact
Brian LaDuca, Director of the Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation (IACT) and Amy Anderson, Executive Director at the Center for International Programs, were keynote speakers for the annual Grupo SM conference in Mexico City.
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