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Students and Campus Life April 16, 2020
DRIVE Thru: Amari Spears

Amari Spears is an Education major in his third year at the University of Dayton. In this episode of DRIVE thru, Amari reflects on how far he's come as a human since high school, the influence that his parents have had on his life, and his dream to open a school.

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Students and Campus Life April 16, 2020
DRIVE Thru: Anna Mumma

Anna Mumma is a Sociology/Criminal Justice double  major going into her Senior year at the University of Dayton. In this episode of DRIVE thru, Anna speaks on how the "hen party" has influenced her, how her talents best serve the world, and the internal decisions it will take to go to Law School.

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Experiential Learning March 31, 2020
Making an Impact with IACT

Leib Lurie, CEO of Kids Read Now, funds IACT summer program that offers students expanded hands-on learning. 

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Experiential Learning May 23, 2019
How an Experimental Project Turned into an After-College Career

Lauren DeClark, Psychology ‘19, takes Freedom Enterprise out of the classroom and into the community.

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Experiential Learning April 29, 2019
Could zines be the future of student connectivity?

Senior IACT certificate student Logan Zinkhon uses zines as a medium to empower and connect students.

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Experiential Learning April 09, 2019
Crossing Disciplines Through Collaboration

How senior IACT certificate student Riley Hart gained comfort crossing disciplines through collaboration and the ambiguity that comes with it.

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Experiential Learning February 18, 2019
IACT Perspectives

How senior certificate student Logan Zinkhon used empathy and collaboration to find his drive

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Experiential Learning January 14, 2019
Drive Series Part III: How do we handle disruption?

Through empathy and collaboration, IACT certificate students make unexpected connections among their unique disciplines.

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Experiential Learning December 03, 2018
Drive Series Part II: Who is it that we want to help?

IACT certificate students begin to collide ideas based on their individual passions, purposes, and possibilities.

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Experiential Learning November 19, 2018
Perspectives from the GEMnasium: Leigh Roberts
Junior Leigh Roberts explores an experiential blend of social entrepreneurship, dignified hospitality, and service practices.
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