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With ‘CONTROL,’ ArtStreet Confronts Psychological and Physical Restraints

The White Box Gallery at ArtStreet presents CONTROL, the second installation in the 2016-17 series, from October 4 through 25. An opening event will be held from 5 - 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 4.

It has been said that the average Londoner appears on surveillance cameras around the city over 200 times in one day. While we tend to think that we have control over our mind or physical atmosphere, are there other factors that might actually be controlling us and affecting our mood?

This is CONTROL. The second installation in the six-part 2016-17 IAN Installation Series will look at whether psychological or physical restraint is perceived or real; whether control can be acknowledged or dismissed; if control is beneficial or not. The series follows a theme of QUEST, in which Institute for Arts Nexus class sessions and installations follow a journey of problem solving with creative solutions as participants engage in the generation’s greatest obstacle — one’s self.

Todd Richman, Creative Lead for this installation, is a graduate of University of Cincinnati’s DAAP School of Fine Arts department. Initially joining the school through its Urban Planning program, his early work focused primarily on statistical analysis and the humanization of CAD-based design aesthetics within the urban landscape. The combination of these facets ultimately galvanized his interest in urban and pop culture object-making.

Richman’s perspective in creating CONTROL stems from his work in ceramics and how color plays a critical role in shaping mood. “Visitors to the White Box Gallery will notice similar color variations taking place over the span of the installation which act to control the physical light and mood within the space and themselves,” said Richman.

The design of the space includes a traditional Japanese privacy screen and a color-themed lighting system, both of which will encourage participants to interact and alter the perceived mood of the gallery.

CONTROL is about examining the various components that might counter this notion of how much we are able to manage our own lives or thought processes. There are many other factors that might not always be visible like that of the surveillance cameras in London, but there is always going to be an element of CONTROL.

The White Box Gallery is where curriculum for the Institute for Arts Nexus comes to life. These 4-D immersive experiences transfer information – in this case, creative theory – into space for the students to absorb and apply. Hosting six world premiere installations annually, the White Box Gallery’s mission is to bring vision to reality through 4-D (sight, sound, space and emotion) immersions that challenge social, industrial, cultural and academic perspectives. The gallery is located within the ArtStreet facility on the 300 block of Kiefaber Street at the University of Dayton. ArtStreet is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight Saturday and Sunday (closed for midterm break Oct. 6-9). For more information about ArtStreet events, call 937-229-5101 or visit


October 4 - 25, 2016
White Box Gallery
ArtStreet, University of Dayton

OPENING EVENT: Tuesday, October 4, 5-7 p.m.

Psychological or physical restraint is perceived... or real? Going somewhere? Creative Lead: Todd Richman

The 2016-17 IAN Installation Series will take us on a connected journey from one’s own selfish “I” to the need for a collaborative “we.” Join us in the QUEST from problem space to solution as we creatively grapple with this generation’s greatest obstacle — one’s self.

Please note: ArtStreet will be closed October 6 - 9 for midterm break.

Press release written by Kiersten Remster '17. 

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