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Summers Abroad: What the London Flyers program is all about

By Kaitlin Lewis

Each year, up to five Honors students are given the opportunity to participate in the London Flyers program. While spending their summer living in London, England, students also work an internship abroad for 20 hours per week while attending courses and seminars.

The 2022 London Flyers applications open on Oct. 11 and are available online through the University Honors Program Porches page. Applications are due on Nov. 15. Students will be notified in early December if they are accepted into the program.

To learn more about the London Flyers experience, Honors talked with former London Flyer Senior April Dvorak, a graphic design major with a minor in fine art, who was a part of the program in 2019. She said that she applied to be a London Flyer because she “couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

“I had always wanted to go to London, but getting to go there on my own while taking classes and working seemed like the ideal way to experience it,” Dvorak said. “I knew I’d have the most exciting summer of my life.” 

Dvorak lived in Camden Town, a district in northwest London, which she said is full of unique stores, restaurants and bars. Camden Town is also known for its street markets, which Dvorak said were filled with fun arts, goods and street food. 

Dvorak said her time in London was never slow. Beyond the immersive learning experience, she was also able to travel on weekends to experience parts of the city. Dvorak said one of her favorite parts was visiting royal attractions such as Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. 

“We also traveled to Paris for a long weekend, which was one of my favorite weekends abroad,” Dvorak said. “We had so much fun exploring Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower, going to the Louvre, taking boat tours and experiencing the culture.” 

Dvorak interned at a small startup marketing company as a graphic design intern during her summer. She said that while the company only employed around 12 people, she was still placed in a very diverse group of coworkers who helped her grow a lot. One of the goals of London Flyers is to place students in a multicultural environment so students can build skills working in a global and diverse setting.

Dvorak said that studying abroad built up her confidence not only as a student, but also as an independent adult.

“Being on my own in a different country made me gain so much practical knowledge and independence that I wouldn’t have if I had spent the summer at home,” Dvorak said. “It also made me feel more confident in my major and my future career goals. The hands-on experience my internship gave me made me realize that I could be a successful graphic designer.”

For any students considering London Flyers, Dvorak said she encourages everyone to apply. Not only was the experiential learning opportunity important for her academic and professional career, but she said that a summer abroad can be “the best summer of your life.” 

“Going out of your comfort zone and living on your own in a different country will make you gain so much confidence in yourself and your independence,” Dvorak said. “You’ll also have had such a unique experience working in one of the most diverse cities in the world that you’ll gain so much professionally. Everytime a job sees that you have had an internship in London, they will be immediately impressed and curious about it.” 

For more information about the London Flyers program and other abroad opportunities, visit

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