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University Honors Program

Art Exhibition Highlights

By Kaitlin Lewis

Every January, honor students have the opportunity to participate in the Honors Art Exhibition. This exhibition is open to all majors in the honors program and usually includes a wide variety of artwork, from photography to sculpture to paintings. Two participants in this year’s exhibition shared a little bit about why they created their pieces, and how it applies to their lives outside of the art.

Abby Bruns

Junior Abigail Bruns is a political science major with history and English minors, with plans on adding pre-law and human rights minors as well. She submitted a painting she titled “SQUIRREL!” that she co-created with her foster service dog, Marina. Abby created this piece by placing paints on a canvas, covering them with wax paper, and setting peanut butter on the wax. Then, she “let Marina work her magic.” Abby said that if her painting is sold, she plans on donating 50% of the proceeds to 4 Paws for Ability, the organization Marina is from that trains service dogs for children and veterans.

“It doesn't relate to my major per se, but it does relate to my passion for service work and animals,” Abby said. “I love working with 4 Paws for Ability and I hope that this painting will bring more awareness to the organization.”

Abby would also like to add a disclaimer that Marina’s safety was ensured during this painting process.

Rachel Sebastian

Rachel is a sophomore studying applied mathematical economics with minors in music and computer science. For the Art Exhibit, she submitted an acrylic painting called Twilight in the Trees. Rachel said her inspiration for her painting came from a Bob Ross painting. Rachel said that while creative expression does not relate closely with her math major, her minors are where she finds ways to express herself. The artist said that activities like painting or music are a great complement to her math major so that she can still explore her creative side.

“With math, there tends to be concrete research and answers, but music is very creative and computer science often has many individualized ways of getting to an answer,” Rachel said. “Music and art especially enhance my experience as a student because it allows me to escape from some of the more technical aspects of school and has caused me to meet new people (some of which have become my best friends).”

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